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Reliability for uninterrupted power

Processes in environments that rely on a continuous power call for distribution systems that are especially developed with that requirement in mind. When it comes to modifications or performing legally required maintenance in particular, a reliable power source is indispensable for many systems. The uninterruptible power supply was therefore our point of departure in the development of the Ei•pdu system. Whether we are dealing with data centers, hospitals or electrical systems for critical production processes, these are precisely the environments the Ei•pdu system was designed for. Flexibility, intelligence and reliability are the key elements of the system.


Active Ei•pdu


Racks produced


Phases monitored

Product summary

  • A shielded 50kA busbar system with a high short-circuit rating and a nominal current of 1,050 amps.

  • Certified distribution cassettes with a maximum load of 160 amps.

  • Downstream circuit breakers with high short-circuit ratings and without selectivity limitations.

  • Cascading technology on each cassette is used to withstand high short circuit levels.
  • Each EI•pdu cassette can provide energy metering for 22 single-phase or 8 three-phase breakers.

  • Cassettes can be hot-plugged onto the rail system.

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