The Ei•pdu was developed in Schneider-Electric’s Okken distribution system and comes with a shielded 50kA rail system with a high short-circuit rating and a nominal current of 1,050 amps. 

Sliding frame for easy access to the BCPM

Cassette bottom plate with IP2X clusters for plug in possibility

Ei•pdu cassette

Ei•pdu cassette cover

Main busbar system with IP2X grids

Main breaker and surge protection device

Please note: Ei•pdu casettes can be customized to match your preferences and specifications.


The PowerLogic BCPM can be pre-programmed as a power and energy meter on multiple circuits and the main power supply. Increasing environmental awareness and the ensuing need to cut back energy consumption are making transparency of energy use an essential requirement. The PowerLogic BCPM enables straightforward metering of power consumption at any possible level: from distribution unit to Ei•pdu cassette or end group. Available in different types to match your requirements.

The unique patented IP2X clusters let you hot-plug additional components onto the main rail system. Clusters are safely installed on the main rail system with great ease and will supply power to the distribution cassettes.

Certified distribution cassettes can be hot-plugged onto the rail system. A maximum of 6 distribution cassettes can be installed on each panel. These certified distribution cassettes can each handle a maximum current of 160 amps. Each distribution cassette comes with a main breaker that also serves as fully selective short-circuit protection for the downstream circuit breakers. Using these unique pre-protection devices that limit short-circuit currents paves the way for application of downstream circuit breakers with high short-circuit ratings and without selectivity limitations. Due to these unique combinations Ei•pdu panels can be used in virtually every possible company network. Even in networks with an extremely high short-circuit rating.

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